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Raise 10'000$ for a Charity = ACCOMPLISHED !:

Yannick Ulmann, 20th April 2016

In November 2013 I decided to try to raise 10'000$ for the Cambodian orphanage where i have been volunteering. This have been really tough. Nowadays it is very difficult to get donations from people, obviously there are a lot of scammers and people are very distrustful.


My motto was to never give up and to continue until i reach those 10'000$. Again in life, I learned that you should never give up. And it is with enormous pride that on 20th April 2016 I accomplished my challenge to raise 10'000$. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thanks again one more time all the people that have trust in me and that helped me to reach my goal ! 

Back To Cambodian Orphanage:

Yannick Ulmann, 5th April 2016

Living now in Malaysia, it was time that I return visit the Cambodian orphanage after 2 and half years since my last visit.


I had the opportunity to spend an entire weekend with all the orphans. It have been short but intense. The retrouvailles have been very strong in emotions. What a pleasure to find back all these orphans who have grown up really fast ... And the most rewarding was to see that they didn't forget me ;-)



Yannick Ulmann, 30th March 2016

After a lot of changes in my life, I decided to write some updates on things that have happened lately ...

In March 2016, my brother Karim and myself were fortunate enough to win a contest organized by Swiss International Airlines. SWISS looked all over the world for guests and all over Switzerland for hosts to bring together on a unique trip during which they would explore Switzerland. The local hosts welcomed guests from 17 countries and showed them their favourite places in Switzerland, resulting in memorable experiences and new friendships. I let you enjoy the video about us hosting our new Canadian Friend Simon...


The End of one Chapter and the Beginning of Another…:

Yannick Ulmann 31st August 2014


After living & working for 2 years in Australia i decided to start a new journey… I have been on this "EnjoyTaVie" journey for the last 541 days… During all this time, I flew with 76 planes, i passed 70 security controls, i slept in 153 different places (Beds; couches; Hammock; Yurt; street), pressed more than 18'900 times on the button of my camera, spent couple of nights on the toilet for food poisoning, used 10 different sim cards and got one passport completely full of stamps/visas…

I experienced very bad trip in Las Vegas, drove a Mustang in California, saw a NBA game with the chicagos Bull's, did a photo shooting in Miami, swam with sharks in the Bahamas, learned Spanish in Venezuela, get shot in Bogotá, got aggressed with knives in Medellín, volunteered with disadvantaged children, planted a tree, sold ice creams, ate Alpaca, Lama & guinea pig in Peru, seen Machu Picchu, went down "the death road" with a mountain bike, got naked on a summit of 5'395 m in Bolivia, sailed the Lake Titicaca, drove a buggy and ride with a sandboard some of the largest sand dunes in the world in Huacachina, worked with tigers @ Tigers Temple, volunteered with Orphans in an Orphanage for which one i am the Ambassador and i am still trying to raise $ 10,000 for them. Finally, i made my way to Japan where i HitchHiked the whole country from North (Aomori) to South (Sata Misaki)… I crossed the country in 10 days with 45 different vehicles then i did an amazing surprise for Christmas day for all the orphans in Cambodia, i show up by riding a horse-cart dressed up as a Santa Claus and with some moneys that i raised, i have been able to bring all the little orphans to a 3days/2nights trip to the beach, then i flew back for a bit more than one month to Switzerland where i surprised my family as they didn't know that i was coming back…. From there, i flew to Brazil where i had the chance to experience a Brazilian wedding with some special Samba Dances and drinks plenty of Caipirinhas ! Following that i went to Rio de Janeiro Where i have been flying like a bird over the city by HangGliding and went to see the wonderful "Cristo Redentor". From Brazil i flew to a paradise Island, called EASTER ISLAND, i worked there for almost a month in a small hotel and i visited the whole amazing island and tried to resolve the mystery of the Moais Statues ! I went to Cuba to drink some good Havana Rhum, and from Cuba i visited my brother in Canada in Vancouver then i went to Alaska where i swam with some IceBergs, fished some Huge Halibut and did some Kayaking between some incredible bright shining Icebergs, from Alaska i made my way to Hawaii where i climbed the Stairway to Heaven, finally i went back to Japan with my Bestfriend and we climbed Mt Fuji. From Japan, after spending 24 hours in a Deporting room i had to go to Switzerland as Russia Deported me as i didn't had a transit visa… After a short trip to Switzerland i went to Kyrgyzstan to meet up with my Crazy Canadian friend and from there i flew to Georgia to have a blast at Kazantip Festival and here i am, in Tbilisi, waiting for my flight back to Switzerland…. 

I don't know exactly how i will manage to be back on school benches and work in the same time but somehow i have to do it…. Thanks to everybody who have been supporting me, following me, hosting me, helping me during this Awesome journey… For the next 2 years i will be for sure in Switzerland, so you know where you can find me  Something is sure, life is too Short, so Enjoy every seconds of it !

Easter Island:

Yannick Ulmann, 6th june 2014


Since a longtime ago i had a dream, this dream was to visit Easter Island called as well "Rapa Nui"… Finally after few years i have been able to realize that Dream ! Waouhhh, what an amazing Experience that i had !!! I spent a total of 20 days on this tiny paradise lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Lucky me, i have been able to stay there without paying any $ for accommodations as i was working under the rules of the website (Really useful website, If you would like to travel low-cost around the world and work a little bit, that's definitely the website to look at).


Easter Island is a wonderful peaceful place ! If you need a break and a getaway place, don't look further and go to "Rapa Nui" ;-) There, gratefully, I worked and helped "Paul Pownhall" who is a famous English Tourist Guide & owner as well of "Tekarera" Hotel. It has been fantastic to collaborate with him during all my stay and we are on the way to put online soon his new website… HighLights points of Easter Island: Watch the Sunrise over Tongariki, rent or buy a Bike and go all around the Island with it, look at the Sunset over Tahai or Ahu Akivi, take a swim at Anakena Beach, try to resolve the mystery of Rano Raraku, meet some Rapa Nui's and hang out with them, visit some caves, get a Tattoo from my friend "Mokomae", go fishing with Fisherman's and don't forget to go out in the most famous nightclub "Toroko"…


Respect the rules of the national park will not spoil your stay on Easter Island, on the contrary, you will see and do what you like with confidence in the knowledge that the future generations will still be able to enjoy the wonders of this Unique Island… Enjoy the pictures >>> 


Ahu Nao-Nao on Anakena Beach
Hard working on the Island ;-D
Beautiful Rainbow over the Island
Mokomae RapaNui Tattoos Artist
Mokomae RapaNui Tattoos Artist
Mokomae RapaNui Tattoos Artist
Amazing Sunset @ Tekarera Hotel
Cave with Petroglyphs
Helping Paul giving tour to Tourists
Sunset facing Ahu Akivi
Sunset facing Ahu Akivi
Moai at Rano Raraku
Moais at Rano Raraku
Before Sunrise over Ahu Tongariki
Before Sunrise over Ahu Tongariki
Before Sunrise over Ahu Tongariki
Incredible Sea with Huge Waves
Marvelous Crater Rano Kau
View from Tekarera Hotel
Palm Trees of Anakena Beach
Ahu Nao-Nao on Anakena Beach
Sunset over Anakena Beach
Parque Nacional Tahai
Peaceful Sunset facing Tahai
Peaceful Sunset facing Tahai
Peaceful Sunset facing Tahai
Back in the footsteps of a Vagabundos:

Yannick Ulmann 24th April 2014


After been back to Switzerland to see my family, touched the white gold with my snowboard, passed some good times with my friends and created the project of the t-shirts/tops "EnjoyTaVie, it's Bonnard" it was time to go back in the footsteps of a Vagabundos... 22 days in Brazil have already passed, it have been 22 incredible days. After visiting the most beautiful rooftop bars and participated at a Brazilian wedding in Sao Paulo, I found myself in Rio de Janeiro, what a Magic City! I had the opportunity to fly like a bird over Rio de Janeiro by Hanggliding, hiked different treks around Rio, visited the Christ the Redeemer which, despite the high number of visitors remains an idyllic place. I also had the chance to watch fabulous sunset over Ipanema Beach from the Arpoador and despite the danger, I visited few Favelas...! I want to thank very much all the Brazilians (Couchsurfers) who hosted me and those who took care of me during my stay. Just Below, you can see the video of my flight over Rio de Janeiro and in the "my pictures" gallery some photos that i took there... Enjoy ;-)

A new Bonnard project:

Yannick Ulmann 13th march 2014


On 20th February 2014, I suggested to the team                           to participate in my adventure. They answered me with a big YES to embark on this project. T-Shirts "EnjoyTaVie, it's Bonnard !" are in pre-order until midnight 31st March 2014. With every t-shirt purchased, 5.- (Swiss Franc) will be donated directly to the association "Fleur de Lotus/Jasmin". Don't wait and order by clicking on the model that you desire just below:

Interview about my HitchHiking Trip Through Japan:

Yannick Ulmann 9th january 2014


Online Interview about my HitchHiking trip that i did in Japan @ Kanoya FM, Japon.

Happy New Year:

Yannick Ulmann 2nd January 2014


What a crazy year it has been, both challenging and rewarding. 2013 all started from quitting my Australian Job, getting shot in Colombia, experiencing Machu Picchu, getting bitten by a scorpion, to volunteering with tigers and being an ambassador for a Cambodian "Fleur de Jasmin" orphanage. Most of all, Japan, the spontaneous incredible hitchiking trip. I have learnt so much, met so many people, experienced so many different cultures.


Of course, all my challenges hasn't been smooth sailing, but with positivity, motivation, not giving up, and support from people around me, I managed to accomplish all my goals.


 2013, you have been so great to me and to the people around me, so Grateful, Thanks a lot, i will never ever forget this Dreamazing year ! Looking forward to an even more Happy-Crazy year ahead ! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope that 2014 will bring you Happiness, Success, Good Health & to fulfill your "Life List" that you have created after reading !

Make a surprise:

Yannick Ulmann, 31st december 2013


Just did an Awesome Surprise to all the Little Cambodian Orphans for Christmas Day... After being in contact with my friend the "Father" of the Cambodian orphanage, i decided to Fly back from Japan to Cambodia. I bought a "Santa Claus Costume" in Japan, i asked my Cambodian friend to find me a horse with a cart to get to the orphanage. I arrived on the 25th december at Neak Loeung (village close to the orphanage), I Dressed up like a "Father Christmas", riding on a horse cart and surprised the orphanage. What an amazing day that all of us had ! On top of that, i informed them that we were going to have a Beach Trip for 3 days/2 nights, something that i couldn't have done without the help of a Swiss friend and a Canadian friend/ex-volunteer. Waouhhh, it was so great to see all these little cuties Happy and jumping Up & Down in the Sea for the first time in their life ! What a great feeling that it gave me to have all these little orphans asking me to help them as no one of them could swim and as well gave me an awesome feeling by thinking that all this have been created-organized by myself… The best and meaningful Christmas ever of my life !

Cross a country "JAPAN" by HitchHiking >>> DONE:

Yannick Ulmann 22nd December 2013








































Thursday 19th december 2013 was an Historical day. It was my 10th days of HitchHiking and i made it, i crossed a country "Japan" only by HitchHiking ! At the beginning my plan was to HitchHike from Aomori to Kagoshima... But on the 9th days i arrived already at Kagoshima City with a feeling that it have been too easy, that it couldn't be finished already. I looked at my map where else i could go and i found that i could go to Sata-Misaki. "Sata-Misaki" is the most southern point of the mainland of Japan and is not that easy to access, i thought that it will be my perfect ending point. On thursday 19th december, i woke up early and took the ferry from Kagoshima City to Sakurajima and on the ferry i started to HitchHike, first car that i asked, it was already a OK. Magnificent and too easy that it was. This businessman who were going to work brought me to Kanoya, and left me on the road at Kanoya. I started hitchhiking again with my Sata-Misaki sign, i stayed for like 10minutes and then a Japanese lady cross the road and came to me, brought me a Cup of hot coffee and a piece of handmade strawberries cake. That was so awesome, totally unreal and in the same time she told me that she could bring me to a better road where i will get more chance to find a car, without hesitation i said yes ! She dropped me to a road on the coast where it was really freezing and superwindy, i waited there 10min and another lady stopped and picked me up for a 15minutes ride. She left me at the front of a "FamilyMart Shop" (Japanese convenient store like 7eleven). Not even 5 minutes of wait and already a car stopped, it was a Japanese couple, they were curious about what i was doing, so i gave them my paper with my "Japanese Text" that explained a bit my story and i told them that they could drop me anywhere on the road..! They said: OKAY OKAY, i boarded into the small car and they told me that they weren't going to Sata-Misaki but that they would bring me there as they had some free times.. I was like, Really ?!? This is awesome, you gonna end up my hitchhiking trip through Japan, i was so excited and happy ! It was hard to communicate as their english was superpoor and my Japanese is not ready yet... Anyway, even if there is a language barrier there is a way to communicate :-)


They drove me all the way to Sata-Misaki, we arrived there and the road was finish, we couldn't go more faraway by car. It was a 3 km walk, i said that i wanted to walk there just to take pictures and then we could leave. The lady, not really fit didn't want to come and as Japanese people are way too nice, her husband didn't want to leave me to go alone so he came with me... It was so funny, as it was cold i was walking at a good peace and it was really hard for him to follow me especially that he was wearing only kind of Flip-Flops on his feets... We walked all the way and we arrived at this fabulous spot where we got the chance to have an Amazing view over the Ocean and in the meanwhile, the sun show up ! It was really Incredible, and my feeling was just "Waouhhh" ! I made it, all Japan by HitchHiking, i yell as i was so happy and i gave him a Big Hug and said "MuCha Arigatô", he couldn't stop laughing and was saying to me "Do Itachimachité" (no problem). We stayed there like 10 minutes, enjoyed the nature beauty, took few shots and made our way back to the car. He was so exhausted ahahah... That was a magical moment ! They drove me all the way back to Kanoya and were glad to have helped me and accomplished the last step of my challenge ! Once arrived @ Kanoya, i thankful them a lot, said that i will never forget them and that it was time for me to hitchhike another car to go back to Sakuarjima take the ferry back to Kagoshima city... Again, just 5minutes of wait and i got picked up by this Japanese Security Man and he drove me straight up to Sakurajima even if it wasn't the way that he was going to... He left me at the ferry place and i boarded into the ferry to Kagoshima City. On the ferry i was thinking at my whole trip of HitchHiking and everything seems to be so unreal ! There is no word to describe Japan as it is so wonderful here !


Some numbers about my trip: Aomori to Sata-Misaki >>> 10 days of HitchHiking, 45 differents vehicles, 51h05 of travel, 18h20 of Wait and 2'788 Km of traveling ! Everybody who is going to Japan should try at least once to HitchHike in this magnficent safe country where the people are the most polite and well educated of the world !! You will definitely have a great time ! By this text, i really would like to say a HUGE ARIGATÔ to all the people who have been helping me during this Japanese Trip ! Cars & Trucks that picked me up, Couchsurfer's & Friends that hosted me, people that fed me with amazing Japanese Foods and to the whole Japan to be so Wonderful !

Started to cross a country "JAPAN" by HitchHiking:

Yannick Ulmann 5th December 2013


In my "Life List" one thing is to cross a country by HitchHiking, after some reflexions i decided that this country will be Japan. Why Japan ? Well, because it's one of the safest country in the world, i think that Japanese people are really nice & friendly but in the same time the language barrier will give me a little bit of challenge and it will be funny as Japanese don't speak much english or any others languages...


On monday 1st december, i took a night bus from Tokyo to Aomori. I arrived at Aomori (North of Japan) early in the morning on tuesday 2nd December 2013. When i went out of the bus, it was 8am and i was freezing my "Glaouis" as it was around 0°C. I was thinking "Mamma Mia, what the hell am I doing here ?!? Really ?!? I will hitchhike all Japan ?!?" I had a quick brekky then i walked to the main road where all the cars were heading to the South... It was time to start my HitchHiking trip across the whole Japan from Aomori to Kagoshima. I was on the side of the road, i put my thumb up and i wait for like 1 hour without any success... I have been able to see Japanese people looking at me and i could read in their mind that they were thinking "AHAHA, what this white Boy is he doing here ?!?"


I realized that nobody will stop pick me up like that... Hopefully, I had a blank paper in my bag, i took it and i wrote on it "HIROSAKI" (town 40km away from Aomori). 10 cars passed and suddenly one supernice old Japanese lady stopped and picked me up... What a great feeling ! I was like, YEAH, i will be able to hitchhike all Japan :-) And so far, what an amazing adventure ! In 3 days i did already a total of 704 km, got 18 rides and received many gifts as drinks, lunch, umbrella, gloves, raisin rolls, beers, cookies, a visit of a temple and a castle. But i still have more than 1'300 km to go ! Loving Japan even if i don't really understand them when they talk to me...! So Please, if you see a Japanese HitchHiker, pick up him/her for me :-) Arigatō !

To make a donation click here please >>>
Raise $10,000 for charity:

Yannick Ulmann 15th November 2013


After my time with the tigers in Thailand, I went directly to Cambodia to visit an orphanage that was created by a Cambodian refugee family and a Swiss family . On my first day in Cambodia , I had the chance to meet Mui Han, who is the founder of the orphanage/association " Fleur-de-Lotus/Jasmin " . She brought me directly to the orphanage where I met the 14 orphans who are staying there at the moment and the Cambodians who take care for them on site. Without a minute, everyone welcomed me with open arms and a big smile. Basically, I was thinking to stay only 2-3 days but in the end I stayed two weeks . During my stay there, I taught French & English to the orphans and the "staff" and i took care from 5:30a.m to 8:30p.m. of these orphans who have plenty of love to give… This experience was truly magical, full of emotion and it was very hard to leave the orphanage seeing all these little girls crying of my departure… After that, because on my "Life List" I have a thing that is to raise money for charity, I told myself that this orphanage was exactly the right place that I was looking to raise money for. After a discussion with Mui, here I became Ambassador for the association "Fleur-de-Lotus/Jasmin" with the challenge to raise for them $10,000...

Working with the Tigers & Meditation with Buddhist monks, Thailand:

Yannick Ulmann 2nd November 2013


After been working more than 30 days as a volunteer at the Tiger Temple of Thailand, 2 persons interviewed me about my experience, you can read this interview just below :-) 


How did you get this idea to work with tigers ?


While a linguistic stay in Venezuela, my host family was watching a documentary about a Tiger Temple in Thailand. I found this documentary super interesting and did further research on internet about it, that's when I saw the opportunity to work as a volunteer. Without waiting, I sent my application to go work there.


What is the schedule of a typical working day for a volunteer at this temple ?


The day starts at 7.00am . All volunteers must go where the cubs are staying during the night. They were five cubs , all between 3 and 4 and a half months . We must put them out of their enclosure and play with them in their playground until about 7:20-7:30am. Then we must bring all of them to the temple. At 8:00am the guests will arrive at the temple for their "morning program" which one consist to give milk to the tigers, to watch the songs & prayers of the monks and have lunch with us the volunteers & Thai staff . After lunch, if they were not many guests , volunteers have to bring the " Cubs" in their enclosure . And there, we had either to clean all the leftover chicken / big tigers droppings or clean the enclosure of the "Cubs" + Wash the cubs. At 11:00am, the volunteers are free for one hour break . It is possible for them to eat free " noodles " at the temple entrance . At 12:00pm everyone have to meet at the " waterfall " to welcome the tourists and check that they don't put themselves in danger by getting too close to the tigers or taking inappropriate postures. Then for each volunteer, work in the afternoon consist either to work in " Babycage " i.e. to look after four sessions of 7-8 tourists who will spend 45 minutes in the enclosure with the " Cubs " to give them milk and play with them or work at the" waterfall " which one means selling extras programs afternoon (cubs feeding or bathing / exercises with young tigers who are until 1 year) or to work at the Canyon by helping tourists to walk with the tigers down to the Canyon. Once at the Canyon, volunteers must help the tourists to decide if they want to make a free photo or a special group photo up to 6 people at 1,000 baths (~ 30USD), to control that the tourists doesn't come in the tigers area with objects that could put them in danger, selling tickets for the " Tigers Show " who is at the end of the afternoon and as well to answer all the questions from the tourists. The end of a working day for a volunteer end up between 3:45-4:15pm by helping to manage the queue of the tourists who want to have the very last picture of the day which one is the Abbot of the monks who will give a special "treat" (bottles of milk) to the big tiger Seyfa. Then, all volunteers are free until 6:30pm. At 6:30pm all volunteers have to participate to the meditation that takes place in the temple with all the monks. The duration of meditation can take 30min up to 2h. After the meditation, a very kind 65 years old monk under the name of "Kruba (teacher) Kam Chad" will sit at the front of the volunteers and will teach Yoga postures, basics of meditation and answer any questions that volunteers have about meditation & Buddhism. This is the description of a typical day.
























What kinds of questions that tourists ask the most frequently ?


The most famous question that comes up every day is: Do the tigers are drugged ? Or why tigers have stripes ? With what do you feed the tigers? How many tigers are in total in the world? Up to what age can a tiger lives and so on…


So, are the tigers drugged at this temple ?


Yes, they are with all the money that tourists are bringing (LMFAO) Of course NOT. These tigers are NOT drugged. Lots of worldwide organizations have been already to the temple and tried to prove that the tigers were drugged, but until today, no evidence has been found !

In plus, evidence of the drug instilled to tigers should not come from a survey by a private organization which one can be more corruptible than the government, but by careful and systematic examination of what is observable. By being the speaking person who is defending that we drug the Tigers @ the temple only with love, let me highlight a few points in order to reflect those who are interested: Why we will drugs the tigers when the tourists want to see them moving? What kind of marketing project is that? A sedated animal keeps his mouth open, his tongue hanging down and his eyes are open, that sort of things are not observable at the temple. Big cats sleep between 16 and 20 hours per day, how can we be surprised that during the hottest part of the day they are just lying down? After two weeks, the cubs are removed from their parents and are brought to the temple and get the habit of getting touched, caressed by an average of 200 visitors per DAY ! It is through this process and not by drugging them that they are accustomed to have the contact with humans and that is why they are not aggressive when we touch them even that we don't know them. Sedation for an animal of this size is extremely expensive. For almost most people, the temple is a factory to make money, so why will they spend the money to drug them…?


Can you give me some information about this place and tigers in general ?


The first tiger was offered to the temple in 1999, following this, the number of tigers have increased. On this day, the temple has a total of 122 tigers, two lions, four bears, plenty of buffalos, zebus, cows, pigs, deers, peacocks etc… At the moment, in the temple, they are 95 Thai staff working, between 6-10 volunteers and 5 foreigners working there full time. Each tiger eats an average of 2 to 6 whole chickens cooked per day. The cost for one tiger per day is around 600 Baths (20USD) ! All tigers have distinctive white circular spots on the backside of their ears. They function as 'false eyes', making the tiger seem bigger and watchful to a potential predator attacking from the rear. They have as well the largest canines of all big cat species ranging in size from 6 to 7.6 cm in length. The claws of the tiger can be up to 10 cm in length and are used to grasp and hold onto prey and they are retractable in that ligaments hold them in a protective skin sheath when their not being used….


For you, what was the best part of the day there ?


Honestly, I had two favorite moments, the first one was to open the door of the "Cubs" enclosure at 7.00am and see the five cubs running & jumping everywhere in the grass. By Starting the day like this, you can only be happy and smile to life, even if you're tired… The second time was to learn what Kruba Kam Chad will teach us after meditation and learn his point of view about general life :-)


What was your worst moment ?


Before the end of my experience, I got stung by a scorpion on my feet during the night. The woke up was painful with my feet all swollen, it got me four days of antibiotics as well as working with socks & shoes instead of wearing flip-flops…


How did you find the experience? If you had to do it again , would you do it ?


I think it's difficult to find a more rewarding experience than this one. It was really interesting, full of new discoveries and i met a lot of wonderful people. I will definitely do it again if i had to !


Something else to add ?


To make careful readers about various informations pouring on internet, I want you that you keep one thing in mind: It's that every month volunteers from four corners of the world leave their families, their work, renounce to spend their time on beaches or bars to offer their time as volunteers to learn more about these animals. We work all day in the heat to take care of these animals and try to make as much as we can the tourists happy. It's the love of animals that made us go to this temple and not ​​the fact to torture/drugs them. Allegations of abuse are unfounded, overwhelming lack of information and highly detrimental to the survival of animals. In fact they see the cost of their food covered by the tourist trade. If they will no longer come the money would sorely miss…


How do you feel right now ?


I feel very proud and fortunate to have been able to live this experience and happy to strike out two things of my "Life List" . I am all Ready to attack a new thing of my list…

Climb a summit higher than 5'000m:

Yannick Ulmann 10th Juiy 2013


I saw that it was possible to do a day trip from La Paz to Chacaltaya, a summit higher than 5'300m. Normally it is possible to go by bus until 5'100m. Since I always wanted to climb a peak higher than 5'000 m, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do it. Tuesday 2nd July, I took a small bus to Chacaltaya, we were a group of 8. After 1.5hours of bus from La Paz, we arrived near Chacaltaya. The road was covered of snow, so we had to stop at ~ 4'900m and do the rest by walk. I started walking with a Brazilian who was extraordinary. He had never seen the snow before so he was excited to see it and touch it for the first time of his life. After one hour of walking, we were both out of breath and he asked me if it was normal that he couldn't breathe properly and that he was seeing some stars, I of course said yes, because of the altitude. 1 hour later, we were at ~ 5'200m and at that time, my Brazilian friend and the rest of the group didn't want to continue because they all felt bad. I didn't feel great either but I told myself that I had to go through. So I went alone to the summit at 5'395m. Just before reaching the top, I saw some stars as well during 5 good minutes, I took a break and finally went through the last meters. At the top, I met a Spanish guy who was around fifty years old who tried to acclimatize at the altitude because the next day he was going for a trekking of a peak higher than 6'000m. I was glad that he was present, I asked him to take my camera and told him that I was going to get naked and that he had to capture the moment because it was the first time that i climbed a summit higher than 5'000 m. Poor guy, he didn't understand everything that happened, but very kind, he took some pictures and told me "Eres loco mi amigo" because of the cold, what I said, "No, la vida es loca" ...

On the way to Machu Picchu:

Yannick Ulmann 29th June 2013


Thursday 27th june, 2013, after a long journey from Cuzco by bus, a walk in the footsteps of the Incas, a very short night with a wake up at 4am and a final climb of 500m altitude difference, I finally saw the Machu Picchu. I got in the top 10 at the entrance of Machu Picchu, around 5:35am. The queue has enlarged rapidly, the doors opened at 6am, I walked up the steps to be able to see the Machu Picchu without any tourist (only moment of the day to see it without tourist). I sat, and I was speechless as it was so beautiful. It's not really possible to describe it, except that it is a truly amazing place with a kind of magic in the air. I spent about six hours to watch it, visit it and photograph it. A dream come true ...

The Death Road:

Yannick Ulmann 9th july 2013


It was 48hours that I arrived in La Paz, one of the main activities I wanted to do, was to go down "the death road" with a mountain bike. Having met a Bolivian girl through Couchsurfing who worked for an agency that organizes this activity, I booked with her and lucky me, she gave me a great discount :-) A bit of history of "The Death Road": This road is known for its extreme danger. In 1995, the Inter-American Development Bank named it as "the most dangerous road in the world." In the past, 200 to 300 travelers were killed each year on the road. The road includes Christian crosses marking the many points where vehicles have fallen.
But in recent years, the most dangerous part of the road is preventable through the existence of a new route, consisting of numerous bridges and tunnels. It has taken many years to build it.
Regarding the ancient road, it is always borrowed, but accidents are fortunately more rare there.


Monday 1st July, I was with a group of 11 people. At 10.00 am we were ready to hit the descent from "La Cumbre" which lies at 4'700m. We had the chance to go down for 3 hours & 63 km's of incredible descent. We finished the descent at Coroico which is at 1'500 m. It was a magical experience. Especially that the descent starts from 4'700m where you're freezing and you're wearing a triple layers of clothes and then finish in the tropics of Coroico at 1'500m, in shorts / t-shirt !

Get shot:

Yannick Ulmann 1st June 2013


During my stay in Colombia, I read in the Lonely Planet that it was possible to get shot with a bulletproof vest. The only info that i had was the website Finally, after several exchanges of e-mails with Miguel I got an address and place for a "rendez-vous". Friday, May 31, I went to the factory of the bulletproof vests of Miguel Caballero, located in Bogota. Once there, I was informed that it would not be possible to get shot because Miguel was sick. in the same time, I met a group of Colombian journalist who had come to report on Miguel and wanted to shoot me when I would receive the bullet. The co-ordinator of Miguel told me that i should come back the next day. Normally I had to fly off to Peru during the same night of this Friday, May 31 Because I really wanted to do it and that the journalists were here, I changed my flight to Saturday evening. Saturday 1st June in the morning, a car from the team of journalists came to get me to my hostel and I went back to the factory of Miguel. This time, I met Miguel. After a length discussion, it was time to take action. I dressed in my jacket with protection and at the front of all the people of the factory, Miguel shot me . = No pain, but having a loaded gun on oneself is a moment that makes thinking a lot...

Volunteer with poor kids:

Yannick Ulmann 03rd June 2013


Beginning of my volunteering with poor kids in a school that has just opened its doors and is still under construction in Huanchaco, Peru.

Plant a tree & name it:

Yannick Ulmann 19th June 2013


A while ago, when i was around the state of Victoria (Australia) i saw a forest who have been damaged by the bushfire of February 2009. In the same time, i met this old guy who was explaining me how terrible it was during this bushfire. He told me as well that i should plant at least one tree and name it, in my life. Because planting a tree can have tremendous influences on communities, improves our environment, can enhance our quality of life, improve our health and do many others positive things. So, at this time, i was thinking to do it but never actually did it. Finally, after all these times, i found the place where to actually do that. Here, at the front of the Milagro School where i am volunteering. I planted this tree, named it "Ubuntu" and left a message under it.


Planting this tree was a good life experience and I think everyone should plant at least one tree in their life!

Learn Spanish:

Yannick Ulmann May 2013


After 4 weeks of Spanish school in Venezuela, I am able to speak and understand Spanish.

The website is created:

Yannick Ulmann May 2013


Opening of the website

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